Gem Vials

Gem Vials
Glass vials from VitaJuwel are hand-crafted from a high-quality and pollution-free glass in a patented manufacturing process. The glass rods from VitaJuwel were filled with fair trade, handpicked and cleaned gemstones.

The use and cleaning of the vial are very easy. The vial is mounted in a carafe filled with drinking water and after about 10 minutes you can already enjoy your gemstone water. Experience the inimitable quality and the natural taste of fresh and living spring water.

Clean the vial with lukewarm water and remove limescale if necessary with some vinegar essence or citric acid.
The glass vial is not dishwasher safe and high temperature differences can lead to unwanted stress cracks.

With VitaJuwel's gemstone vials, stones no longer have to be placed directly into drinking water. Thus one can be sure that no chemical impurities or rock splinters get into the drinking water. The cleaning of gemstones where the stones gradually lose their shine or need to be replaced from time to time is eliminated. With VitaJuwel glass vials, you can enjoy the beautiful shine of precious gems all your life and create your precious stone water in a hygienic and sustainable way.
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