The practical and robust bottle for on the go

ViA Bottles
The VitaJuwel ViA bottle is an almost perfect companion for your exceptional moments. These glass bottles made of pollution-free borosilicate glass can be filled on the way, so you can have your delicious gemstone water always and everywhere. The glass dome inside the bottle is securely bolted and contains fair trade, handpicked and purified gems.

The use and cleaning of ViA are very easy. Fill your VIA with drinking water and after 10 minutes you can drink your gemstone water. You can experience the unique quality and the exquisite taste of fresh, living spring water.

The ViA is one of the world's first drinking bottles with two openings. The drinking cap and the gemstone module can be easily unscrewed. So you can exchange your gemstone modules at your whim and also clean the bottle much easier. The parts of the ViA with the exception of the glass body are not dishwasher safe.

With the bottles of VitaJuwel, you no longer have to put your stones directly into drinking water. Thus, you can be sure that no chemical contaminants or rock fragments can get into your drinking water. It also eliminates the need to clean the gems. With VitaJuwel you can enjoy the luster of the beautiful gems throughout your life and create your precious gemstone water in a hygienic and sustainable way.
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