Vials, carafes and bottles of VitaJuwel

The families and employees of VitaJuwel live and work in the German Alpine foothills - a region that is characterized by its natural beauty and the harmony of man and nature. Nature is her role model, in her life as well as in her daily work. VitaJuwel would like to pass on this philosophy to you: natural products with natural effects.

We are happy to be able to drink the best water in the world and strive with VitaJuwel to enable all people to become more well-to-do and live a long and active life.

All VitaJuwel products are extensively tested all over the world and manufactured in elaborate manual labor.

If you have questions about VitaJuwel products, you can always contact me via email or by phone during opening hours.
The promise to you: With VitaJuwel you enjoy lifelong water as fresh from the source!

The jury of the "GastroVision Förderpreis" awarded VitaJuwel 2008 the most innovative industry product. The coveted award recognizes VitaJuwel as a trendsetting development and contemporary product that enriches the world of healthy water in an aesthetic, effective and enjoyable way. The jury explains:

"When gems are placed directly into the water, they need to be thoroughly cleaned again and again. Nevertheless, stones constantly release substances such as mother rock or impurities, which are drunk on direct contact. With the VitaJuwel this danger is completely excluded, on the contrary, all secretions remain in the vial. They float in the pollutant-free water and do not get into the drinkable water. Here the decisive advantage of the VitaJuwel becomes visually clear. An ideal and, above all, hygienic process for producing gemstone water. "

About 89 billion liters of water are bottled worldwide in plastic bottles every year. In the US, an estimated 1500 plastic bottles are used per second! Only 20 percent of these bottles are recycled. These PET bottles were made of plastic, which in turn was made from limited petroleum. In addition, the transport of the bottled water is energy intensive and also pollutes the environment.

With glass returnable bottles such as the VitaJuwel gemstone bottle, you make a small but valuable contribution to the protection of nature and can be pure with yourself.
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